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Winter 2003 Edition
Hey sailors,

With time for newsletters so scarce these days, there's a lot of stuff 
to report. This edition contains information on:

* The 2003 Halifax WASC results
* The annual UASC Christmas bash and gift-grab Dec 13th
* Venues for the 2004 and 2005 WASC's
* Upcoming events at Around the Corner Market

 Sailing Club outpaces Delta at the World Airline Sailing Competition….
That's what the headline would have read if Newsline had seen fit to print really important news this August! Yes, it's true United did not come in last in Halifax. That honor went to newcomers Delta Airlines. 

Quantas came in 1st followed by Lufthansa, BA, and Air Canada.  All of our friends from Aer Lingus, British Midland, KLM and SAS were also on hand. United did win the pub-crawl hands (and knees) down with our own Commodorable being the last one standing. Rumor has it she actually closed the last pub down. 

The Holiday season is almost upon us and you know what that means -Yes, it's time for the annual Sailing Club Christmas party.  This is the chance for us all to get together, trade tall tales, munch till we burst, (or drink Apple-tinis till we drop), steal the best gifts that $10 can buy, and make plans for the next sailing season which we swear will be better than the last one.  Irene Jarmulska has graciously volunteered to host the party this year on Saturday, December 13th from 6PM until ?????

OY, OY, The 2004 WASC will be down under…
Yup, following in the footsteps of the America's Cup (a WASC for people who don't know how to have fun), the 2004 WASC will be hosted by QUANTAS Airlines in sunny Sydney, Australia. The dates will be October 17 - 22. That's the beginning of summer down there and I have it on good authority the sailing should be really fun. We will be sailing in Elliotts. Those are 3-person keelboats. What the Aussies don't know is 3-person keelboats are our forte - because they don't tip over! The Australians somehow got a reputation as champion party people but that's just good PR - they only drink Fosters which UASC people use to brush our teeth! Now, there will be two boats per team so we will need 2 skippers and 4 crew. Also the QUANTAS club is planning some special activities for the supporters! Bid your vacations and save your pennies 'cause we be goin' to Australia!

2005 WASC in Amsterdam…
KLM's Harm Ploeger informs us that the 2005 WASC will be hosted by KLM in Amsterdam. Well actually, it's in Aalsmeer, a suburb of Amsterdam. I've been there and there's easy bus access to downtown Amsterdam, beautiful countryside for walking or biking, and very friendly people. The event will be held in August - just before or just after Sail Amsterdam. Sail Amsterdam is a huge nautical once-every-five-year event welcoming hundreds of yachts, windjammers, and dinghies from all over the world.  With typical Teutonic efficiency, KLM plans to have a WASC-2005 website live within the next few weeks. So stay tuned.

Around the Corner Market has several special events coming up…
Our own Dennis & Cindy Higdon, proprietors of the Around The Corner 
Market tell us there are several upcoming events they would love (okay, 
would tolerate) seeing us enjoy.

 Friday, November 14 - "Autumn Table Accents" featuring* Doug Clark, designer, Mangel's Flowers and Gifts, Long Grove, IL.

 Friday, November 21 - "Hors D'oeuvres, Etc." Chef David Esau, Dave's Specialty Foods,  will demonstrate how to assemble delicious and easy appetizers to delight your holiday guests.

Thursday, November 20 - Paul Seils, Busse Flowers and Gifts, will be on hand to share tips and techniques for holiday flower arranging.

Please join them and enjoy these special evenings. There will be refreshments and a drawing for great door prizes November 14, 20, and 21!

The Around the Corner Market is located at

Mount Prospect, Illinois 
115 West Central Road
One block West of Elmhurst Road. 
(847) 870-6825

From EXO the easiest way to get to the store is to take Elmhurst Road North. Turn Left on Northwest Highway just after you cross the railroad tracks. Turn right at the first street you come to... That is Wille street. Drive one block North and the store is on the left in a small L shaped strip mall. 

Well, that's all for now - Sail on.

Newsletter Editor - John Grey, AKA "Yeoman or Sunshine"

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