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       UA SAILING CLUB       Thoughts and Memories

Read at the Sept 18th wreath laying memorial service for our departed crews.

Do Your Best, and leave the rest to God

Find your strength.  Search for that smile of yours that makes everything
brighter. Hang in there. Have Faith.

Don't give up.  Make a commitment...between your determination,  your
hopes, and your heart.....that your sun is going to shine in the sky.

Find your way through the days with the light that shines within you.
Leave a smile where there wasn't one before.  Help a hurt; make it mend.
Find the strength to make things right again.

Go Forward, from one stepping stone to another.  Reach out a little farther.
Listen a little more often to what your heart has to say.  Do the things that
are important to you.

Make today everything you dreamed it could be.  Don't settle for less.  Use
the precious hours you've been given as wisely as you can.  Then do your
best, and leave the rest to God.   

- Chris Gallatin

Our Fellow United Employees who died aboard Flights 93 and 175:

Captain Victor Saracini                        Marianne MacFarlane
Michael Horrocks                                 Jesus Sanchez
Robert J. Fangman                                       Captain Jason Dahl
Amy N. Jarret                                        Leroy Homer
Amy R. King                                          Lorraine G. Bay
Kathryn Yancey LaBorie                      Sandra W. Bradshaw
Alfred G. Marchand                              Wanda A. Green
Michael C. Tarrou                                Ceecee Lyles
Alicia N. Titus                                       Deborah A. Welsh


A Poem by AA employee Suzanne Moses 
Written September 13, 2001

We've always done what we do best,
Up in the friendly skies.
And then one awful, fateful day
Were taken by surprise
An unseen, unknown enemy
Attacking us in hate
And using what has made us proud
To destroy what's made us great

We watch in shock the scenes unfold
We watch in disbelief
We shake our heads, we wipe our eyes
Unspeakable, the grief
And through it all, while it unfolds
We cannot help by cry.....
merican, we cling together
nited  we ask WHY?

"Please, wake us from this nightmare"
It all seems so unreal
We force ourselves to carry on
In a new world, so surreal
Lean on each other for support
Lend others, a helping hand
merican, our dedication
nited, we will stand 

We ask each other, "How they dare?"
We cannot understand
We search for answers, search for meaning
No Answer is at hand
Hate must not replace sorrow,
Of this we're very sure
merican, we bow our heads
nited, we'll endure

The unknown numbers, now with God
As angels, by His side
Must want for us to carry on
To not withdraw and hide
And so, it's in their memory
That we will hold so long
merican, we will stand tall
nited, we'll be strong

Dedicated to the employees of American Airlines and United Airlines.
In memory of the victims of the tragedies of September 11, 2001

Be Strong America

There is little doubt the events of 9/11 have strengthened us.
Let us use that strength to move ahead,  not fall behind as our enemy wishes.
Let us remember every day has dangers, this is not new to our way of life.
We have long understood that nature's wrath, crimes, disease, lunacy and chance
 accidents could injure or even kill us.
Knowing this never froze our spirit or kept us whimpering in the corner.
 We must not let the introduction of terrorist dangers
 freeze us or cause us to run away or cease the life we lived
 so vibrantly before 9/11.  Our enemy too must live with a new danger - 
that they will be caught and brought to Justice!
  Because they are weak they'll hide, cower or run.  We will not!  
Be strong America,  you are the hope of free people everywhere.

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